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A long time ago - in a not so distant future - a band of sailors aboard the merchant ship SS peddle Express stumble upon a cave network

whilst on their Maidan voyage to Oceansia -

a long forgotten by time - mythical land supposedly located somewhere in the south pacific region.

a land rumored to be riddled with gold, and jewels - as well as the most beautiful inhabitants in the world...

They are thought to be and live as gods in Oceansia - or as the children of gods - much like the ancient city of Atlantis -

Oceansia is believed to actually exist - or at least to have actually existed in the remote past -

or, as the sailors aboard the Ss Peddle Express soon come to find out first hand - in the not so distant future...

When the lively bunch of misfit sailors finally reached the end of the cave tunnel network -

the mad sea captain - known only as Captain peddle - insisted on taking -

rather than continuing straight forward due north -

as they had originally intended on doing - and as it had been planned when they first set sail -

(being that it was what the map they had in hand said to do..)

The merchant ship's crew were quickly bombarded by a squadron of canoes filled to the brim with the aboriginal inhabitants of a nearby set of islands...

Strangely enough - Captain Peddle - was completely calm - during all of this -

the crew however - not so much - they were not a very armed ship - as they were not a military vessel -

they were but a simple merchant ship -

tasked with the simple mission of trading/selling goods and wares to the inhabitants of Oceansia.

upon arrival at their final destination - the land of Oceansia.... -

there was a long period of- well, what seemed to be a stand off between the aboriginal inhabitants of the nearby islands, and the peddle crew.

suddenly - Captain Peddle made a strange hand gesture to one of the canoes that just came in. -

the canoe which Cpt. Peddle, made the hand signal to was piloted by a man dressed in silk robes -

looked to be of royalty amongst his tribe...